Deluxe WISE OLD OWL Puppet by Axtell

Wise Owl

WISE OLD OWL - This Deluxe Wise Old has a wonderfully decorated latex head and cute bird feet. He measures 28" from head to tail and has glasses and deluxe feathering. Great Character!  More...
Choose from regular hanging wings for Ventriloquists, or Live Hand Wings for Stage or Television.

Wise Old Owl fits great on the BIRD ARM ILLUSION, and can be yours for just $399.95
(introductory price)

Owl Color :
Wing Style :
Wing Rods for Reg. Hanging Wings :

 Owl Puppet by Axtell

Wise Owl with Live Hands

BLINKING EYELIDS ARE AVAILABLE FOR THE HAND PUPPET for $800 extra! The Control is on the Elbow Rod select which elbow rod you want - left or right (opposite of the hand you have in the head) Contact CUSTOMER SERVICE to order Blinking Eyelids!

WISE OLD OWL! is available as a ANIMATRONIC TOO! This one has moving eyes and blinking eyelids!


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