Wild Thing Puppet by Axtell Puppets


WILDTHING - Now here is a Wild and Wacky character! She can be used anytime you want a laugh riot from your audience. Use it as a Rock n Roll singer, Alien, Funny Monster, Hair Dresser or to bring your show to a boil ! 22" long complete with big red Kissy Lips and great knobby feet! Your arm enters at bottom. Works great with the Bird Arm Illusion.  More...
Order your WILDTHING today for only $169.95!

Arm Options:
Rod Options for Loose Arms:

JUMBO WILDTHING!  Now available Super-Sized!

spacer wild thing jumbo img

This super-sized version of WildThing is nearly 32" from fuzzy top to silly feet. Back Entry. Only $299.95!

Arm Options:
Rod Options for Loose Arms:

Need a pre-recorded voice for this Wildthing Puppet?  AxTrax Wide Open Routines have 5 voices to choose from on each CD.  The Gruff Voice on the Wide Open CDs will work great for a male voice!  Check out AxTrax Puppet voice CDs here!

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