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Puppet Ideas for Vacation Bible School (VBS)!

Have you ever been given a recipe and said, “I just added a little something for that extra zing?” We checked out some great VBS themes and want to help make them the best they can be by adding colorful latex puppets! You can use a parrot or latex Bible puppet to teach memory verses. Have a costumed host for making announcements! Use puppets as some of the daily drama characters! Check YOUR chosen theme below to see which of our characters can make your VBS come alive! Scroll down to see many VBS themes!

Crocodile Rock (by Group)

No, this isn’t a rock and roll song, but your kids will hear about the Solid Rock! Make the teaching even more solid by rolling in our Gator puppet, Fancy Flamingo, or our funny Turtle.
What is a swamp without a crocodile or alligator?

Kingdom of the Son: Prayer Safari!
(by Gospel Light)

Wow! This VBS is the perfect spot for Axtell’s many jungle animals! Use the gorgeous giraffe and zesty zebra in your jungle puppet stage or bring the lion, tiger, hippo, or squirting elephant right out front! Your kids will never forget this prayer safari.Check out our Axtrax with the Lion teaching the Lord's Prayer!

Amazon Expedition (2008) (by Answers in Genesis)

Use the beautiful new Ssidney the Ssilly Ssnake as part of the Garden of Eden story and a perfect fit for the Amazon terrain. Webster the Frog and his friend Bubba the Bullfrog are Amazon critters that love croaking out VBS songs and memory verses!

Discovery Canyon (by Augsburg Fortress)
You’ll find the Axtell Donkey, Professor Hoot Owl, or our sly Fox, great critters to wind their way in and out of Discovery Canyon!
Watch out for a 6 foot long Ssnake on the way! An old prospector would love to do some mining for hidden treasure as you dig into the word!

Wildwood Forest (by David C. Cook)
A trip through the caves and trees of this wild wood promises “a surprise around every bend”. Add greatly to the surprise with a friendly Grizzly Bear, Owl, Squirrel and other forest animals.

Operation Space: A Close Encounter with God’s Word (by Answers in Genesis)
The Bible has the answers in this futuristic look at the beginning of the world! And what better puppet than the a big BIBLE puppet: (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth). Use a baby dinosaur to explain what may have happened to the dinosaurs and why earth was made to be inhabited!

Triple C Ranch (by K Station)

Let Axtell’s Horse puppet gallop into the daily dramas. Turn your actors into ranch hand puppets (who memorize their lines very quickly) with members of The Fam.

Boomerang Express
(by LifeWay)

Point up to God as you head down through the outback! Confused? No worries! Add a wacky Kangaroo puppet to lead the way! You’ll be HOPPY you did!

Polar Extremes (Regular Baptist Press )
Go all out with this cool topic! Along with a boy and girl puppet for the sports concept you can add a beautiful Polar Bear, and nobody does winter sports better than an Axtell Penguin!

Truth Trek (by LifeWay)

Your kids will visit the desert as they dig for treasure in familiar Bible stories! Let our Camel puppet give you a first hand account while the Big Friendly Book teaches them verses they can treasure forever!

Too busy to learn the lines of the studio host? Use a funny man puppet as the Talk Show Host and other characters to really put on a show! And don’t miss one of our beautiful girl puppets for a rotating role as Esther and a cheerleader. Wow! What a cast!

Flight School (by TruthQuest)

Build a cardboard plane as a puppet stage and let the daily dramas for Will, Boomer and Amelia be done by our people puppets. This cuts your volunteers’ memorization time way down and adds to the overall effect! Who better to teach at a Flight School than birds? Be sure to check out our amazing aviary of Bird Puppets for use in song leading, memory verses, or announcements! Don’t forget to add the Bird Arm Illusion for the reality effect!

Camp EDGE (by Cokesbury)
Scarlet O’Fox will help your VBS campers Experience and Discover God Everywhere! Look for the fox image on many of their take home papers! If you want to be cutting edge then add a big, friendly Grizzly Bear or several woods critters! The kids will be asking for S’more of Camp Edge!

The names, logos and artwork of the various VBS programs are the sole property of the publishers. Axtell Expressions and the puppets represented here are not associated with the programs. They are just suggested as add-on puppets that could enhance your presentations. Puppets © Axtell Expressions, Inc.

Be sure to pass the link to this page to other VBS directors who want to add to their theme! They will thank you!

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