Special Effects Board
(Out of Production until further notice - a few left handed are available)

This board appears to look just like the Magic Drawing Board, but it functions entirely different. It was created for magicians who owned the Magic Drawing Board and wanted even more visual miracles, so presto, the SPECIAL EFFECTS DRAWING BOARD was born! It is mechanically different from the Magic Drawing Board and does a different illusion! This board can be opened to change the gimmick and produce your own custom tricks! With the four gimmicks we send you, you can do any of these routines below:
Draw a hat and a rabbit pops up!
Draw a deck of cards and a chosen card can rise from the deck!
Draw half an egg shell and a baby dinosaur hatches!
Draw a trash can and Oscar pops up!
PLUS you can create your own effects, make Santa come out of a chimney or anything else!
We supply the SPECIAL EFFECTS BOARD, 4 pre-made gimmicks, 2 markers, wipe cloth, carry case and illustrated instructions (which include Ed Harris trick drawing ideas!).

This item has been discontinued at this time. We do have a few LEFT HANDED boards (hold in your right hand, draw with your left) available for $75. Please contact Customer Service if interested in one of these. 805 642-7282.


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