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Some of the Routine books we have discontinued are available directly from Maher Studios


Think of these books as a starting point for your own writing. Routine books are worth 10 times what you pay for them if you get just one idea for a routine or a new concept for a character....and you'll get much more than that in these books!

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Great material from full time professional ventriloquist, magician and comedian Tom Ladshaw.

Each booklet contains very funny, random subjects - all very usable up-to-date routines, gags, lines, heckler stoppers, short bits and dialogues. Each booklet is 24 pages - jammed-packed with great, audience tested material. Lots of different subjects covered.

As with all of Tom's products, these booklets are a tremendous value. Note - a few bits in these books are "PG".

Vent Material Yearbooks - ONLY $7 Each Yearbook or all 10 booklets (2003-2012) for $50 (just $5 each!)






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