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Puppet / Stage Craft

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Vent Stands by Al Good - algoodproducts.com
Puppet Towne - makers of a cool portable stage with plans for building your own stage - www.mwt.net/~jmrdc/
Puppet Resources, Etc.

Puppet Making Information & Patterns

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How Axtell makes Latex Puppets
Flocking a puppet head by Axtell
Jim Henson Creature Shop - http://www.creatureshop.com
Puppet building Materials on Rose's Puppetry Page -
Puppets and Props - Figure Making Info -
Puppet Resources, Etc.
BiblePuppet.com Pattern - www.BiblePuppet.com
Foam Latex Puppets for Stop Motion - www.angelfire.com/anime4/zungstudio/index.html
AM Creatures - www.freewebs.com/amcreatures/
Puppet Patterns - www.puppetpub.com/costumes.html


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Learn Ventriloquism free with VENTRILO-QUICK - www.axtell.com/ventins.html
Mark Wade- America's Foremost Children's Ventriloquist
Vent Stands by Al Good - algoodproducts.com
Ventriloquist Puppets - www.axtell.com
WorldVent Mailing List - groups.yahoo.com/group/WORLDVENTS/
Vent Haven Museum and Convention - www.venthaven.com
Ventriloquist Central - www.ventriloquistcentral.com
International Ventriloquists' Association - www.inquista.com
Maher Ventriloquist Studios - www.maherstudios.blogspot.com
Jay Johnson's MonkeyJoke.com - www.monkeyjoke.com
Pete Michaels - www.petemichaels.com
Bob Shimer & Drango - drango.com/storiesandmagic/
Randel McGee & GROARK - livewiremedia.com/products/groark/groark.html
Paul Romhany - www.paulromhany.com
Jan Goodwin - www.theventriloquist.com
David Strassman - www.chuckwood.com
Jeff Dunham - www.jeffdunham.com
Neale Bacon Ventriloquist page - members.shaw.ca/baconandfriends/
Rayz Road Show - www.puppets.co.nz
John Pizzi Entertainment - www.jpzent.com
FunnyDummy.com Comedian Ventriloquist - www.funnydummy.com
Lee Cornell's Ventriloquism 101 DVD Course Website - http://www.ventriloquism101.com/ventriloquism/
Fred Anderson - www.dummyman.com
Kimmo Entertainments - www.kimmo.co.uk
Joe Gandleman - www.gandypro.com
T.A. Hamilton - www.tahamilton.com
Jungle Jimmy - www.junglejim.co.uk
Russ Louis - www.russocomedy.com
Val Hilliker Ventriloquist - www.valhilliker.com
Natilie Miller (Australia) - www.nataliemiller.com.au
Rhamdas Padhye - www.vpuppets.com
Oscar and Bernie - www.oscarandbernie.com
Pavlovs Puppets - www.pavlovspuppets.com
Bruce Weaver & Friends - www.auntgabby.com/bruceweaverfriends.html
Puppets and Props - www.puppetsandprops.com
The Dummy Depot (Germany) - www.bauchrednerkunst.de
Mr. D's (Clinton Detweiler) Daily Ventriloquist Journal - http://www.ventdj.blogspot.com
Dante Cigarini (Italy) - www.dantecigarini.it

Gary Lenon's Funnysnaps! Family friendly ventriloquism - www.funnysnaps.com
Wendy Stuart - www.funnyvoices.ca/
Margaret Davis - http://bookmargaret.com/
Ben and MJ Ventriloquist - http://www.ventriloquist-benandmj.com/

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