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Hands-Free Magic Drawing Board Instructions

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Your package includes:



Hands-Free Magic Drawing Board
Hard case with foam padding

Secret Eraser (transmitter)

Small Table-top Stand   (Make sure you pack it as shown)

(4) EXPO Low Odor (Expo2)  Do not use regular Expo Markers

DC Power Adapter  (for US and other 60hz countries)




On the back of the board you will see the power switch and the charging jack.  Plug the adapter into this jack and the other end into the wall outlet to charge.  Charge OVERNIGHT initially.  Adapter will get warm when charging the board – this is normal. Operational time is up to 2 hours fully charged. 

MAKE CERTAIN THE BOARD IS TURNED “OFF” during charging, or it will not recharge.



Fully charged NiMH batteries will lose their charge over a period of a month or two.    So if the last time you charged the board was a month ago, it may need a full charge again.  It is advisable to charge the board before a performance.   You can leave this version of the board plugged into the adapter and wall without concern of over-charging it.  A fully charged Remote board should be able to operate for up to 2 hours.  


LED Lights on Receiver (Board).  

RECEIVER - during a performance
Receiver has 2 status lights (might need to move the 'peep' hole)
During a performance and the unit is turned on
Green - ON, battery level OK
RED - ON, battery level low and should be recharged


RECEIVER - during charging
Charging will ONLY occur when the power switch is in the OFF position.
There is a Yellow LED that show what the charge state is.
ON Solid - Unit is in fast charge mode

BLINKING - Battery temperature too high or too low, or battery voltage is too low.
(during this condition, the battery is trickle charged until the voltage comes up, or the temperature is within acceptable  limits)

OFF - fast charge is complete, unit is in maintenance mode.


 Foreign Users – Adapter Information:



The Adapter is universal and will work with countries with 50 and 60 hz power.


ERASER (Transmitter / Controller)


You will need to pull off the lid (it is a friction fit with Velcro holds) and install 4 AAA Batteries (not included)

The eraser  is designed to be operated in the left hand with your thumb on the Eye shift wheel and index finger on the mouth button. 

If you are left handed you can switch from holding the marker to the eraser in your left hand, or operate the mouth with your thumb and the wheel with your finger.



Transmitter has 2 status lights.  Green - ON, battery level OK. 
RED - ON, battery low and should be changed



Power ON the ERASER (transmitter)  before the BOARD (receiver). When finished turn OFF the BOARD first and then turn off the ERASER.    Once the power is turned on, you bring the pupils into view with the PUPIL SWITCH. Once turned on you control the pupils by the Eye shift Wheel on the other side.  The eyes will first appear in the square cut outs and be centered.  You will need to move the wheel to both extreme ends in order to engage full range of motion.


The MOUTH BUTTON controls the mouth movement on the board.

EYE SHIFT WHEEL – To keep this control unseen the wheel is very small and can be damaged by excessive pressure.   The wheel will control the pupils after the Power switches are turned on both the eraser and board, and after the PUPIL switch is ON.

SERVO SOUND – We have selected the quietest servos possible but all servos have some noise to deal with.  During your performance, you can minimize the noise by using a sound system for your voice and following these 2 steps.


EYES - Because it is usually quiet on stage during eye movement, move the wheel slowly to minimize sound.


MOUTH – Move the mouth only during the character’s speaking, so the voice volume covers, and is synched up with, the servo sound.



Have background music playing during your routine.



Your eraser can also act as an animatronic control device for automatic playback of pre-programmed routines (see Programming and Playback Instructions for Hands-Free Controller) .




Before your show, adjust the easel so when you draw the eyes your arm covers both eye cut outs in a natural horizontal position.  To fake the drawing of the pupils hold the eraser transmitter in your hidden free hand (away from audience), and switch on the PUPIL SWITCH (not the power switch) after your marker arm is covering up both eye cutouts. Fake the drawing of the furthest eye.  Once the switch is turned on and the pupils are in place.  Pull your hand to the closest pupil and fake drawing that one.  It will look just like you drew them on.  If you tilt your marker tip back toward you, it will allow more of your hand to hide the eye cut out as shown above.




When it’s time to eraser the pupils, cover both pupils with your arm and the eraser.  Turn off the PUPIL SWITCH (not the power switch) and both pupils will disappear under cover of your arm!  Now you pull the eraser toward you wiping off all of the marker over and around the eyes so it appears you have erased the eyes and the pupils in one wipe. Do not press hard or they will not disappear. You will develop your own technique and may prefer to wipe back and forth while pulling.   You may prefer to erase from the other side of the board in a more natural fashion by walking to the other side.




You could keep the board in the easel the whole time.  


You could start the routine by holding the board as you would a standard (non-remote control board) and drawing on it before setting it down on the easel or table top stand.  However you would need to place it in the easel before drawing on the pupils so your other hand can turn on the PUPIL SWITCH 



We make a NON-GIMMICKED board which looks the same from the front and can be passed around or inspected.  


You could also purchase a second eraser / transmitter if you want to have the board controlled by someone off stage or in the audience – after you have set your eraser down.


You could give the control of the board over to someone else off stage if you prefer not to control the board, and you could eraser your drawing with a wipecloth instead.   You would have to have your timing perfected with your assistant – probably using a sound track.


More ideas can be found for the Magic Drawing Board and it’s routines on our website at



USE ONLY “EXPO-2” DRY ERASE MARKERS.  WE CAN SUPPLY THEM FOR $3.50 Each.   DO NOT USE REGULAR EXPO MARKERS.   Expo2 marker stains can be removed with rubbing alcohol.   If you accidentally use permanent markers or regular Expo markers on your board, you will need to order a replacement piece of plastic.   (805) 642-7282 or



The electronics in the board will not function properly in every situation.   You MUST TEST every performance environment PRIOR to your actual performance. 

You may find that one part of the stage has interference and another part does not.  You may also find that by holding the transmitter (eraser) in alternative positions may improve performance.   In cases where you discover severe interference you should be prepared to substitute a standard non-remote controlled Magic Drawing Board for your routine.  (Always bring a standard board).


Best Situations:

            Normal to High Humidity  (Static free environment)

            Open area around the stage

            No obstacles between eraser and the board (transmitter and receiver)

            Holding the eraser tilted up or down for most efficient transmission


Worse Situations

            High static dry weather   (erase the board slowly in dry conditions to reduce static build up.)

Performing in buildings with many surfaces which could reflect and interfere with reception.

Obstacles between the eraser and board could also cause performance





The table top stand will hold the Remote Board at a tilted angle for your show.To set it up spread the 3 sections evenly and insert the board into the cut outs on the bottom legs.        


The Easel will allow you to adjust both the operating height and the angle.  This will be appreciated in stages where glare from a spotlight may be corrected by changing the angle slightly.


To set up the easel remove it from the case and loosen the top knob to extend the top holding bar.  Spread the legs and connect the front two legs with the connector bar as shown and attach the holding tray with the Velcro.


Drawing and Erasing with the Floor Easel- If you are right handed and are holding the eraser in the left hand, you will be naturally standing on the left side of the Easel and board.  You may find it awkward to stay on the left side when erasing the board with your eraser held in the left hand.  As an alternative you can switch the eraser to your right hand, or move around to the other side of the board so you can erase with your left hand.  You would do this walk around the easel very naturally during your routine, so you end up on the other side.  IF YOU ARE LEFT HANDED REVERSE THE ABOVE.



When not in use, fully charge the board every 6 months to keep the batteries active.  Nickel Cadmium batteries may deteriorate if left uncharged for long periods.



·  Output voltage: 12VDC  
·  Output current: 600mA 
·  Output plug: 2.5mmID x 5.5mmOD female center positive


Limited Liability & Warranty – Axtell Expressions, Inc. is not responsible for the use or misuse of this product.  Warranty on parts and service is limited to the repair or replacement of defective parts within a 90 day period.  Paid repairs can be made upon request after the warranty period.