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Over $5,000 in Prizes in All 3 Categories!

I want to sincerely thank all of you who participated in the Axtell Puppet Video Challenge. This was an amazing experience for me, the top notch judges and each contestant. We learned how to run a great contest, how to make it better, how to use Youtube, how to score, and how to make killer videos with our Axtell puppets!  

While I was not involved in the judging, I want to congratulate all of you for a job well done!  

If you did not win this time, ..make it a learning experience.  Become better!  Work harder!  Be determined and never, ever, EVER give up!   

We will be doing this again!  

Your rock!   Steve Axtell

Steve Axtell, President
Axtell Expressions, Inc.
"I will invite the 1st place winner in each category to perform in a Las Vegas show as my guest star!"  
Ronn Lucas
Ronn Lucas
Las Vegas Headliner Ventriloquist at the Luxor.

Better Living Through

Craig Shemin
Lou & Lou: Safety Patrol


Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss

Board Member, The Jim Henson Legacy

Jay Johnson

Tony Award Winner... 

& Star of Broadway's "The Two & Only"

Classic TV show "SOAP".

Fred Holmes

Television Director


Barney & Friends

Think. Write. Shoot. Edit. Enter. Enjoy. It's as easy as that.--Craig
"The main thing is to be yourself. Only you can perform the way you do."
"Let your creativity flow!".....Fred

Lee Armstrong

TV Puppeteer

Images In Motion

Kevin Johnson

"America's Got Talent" stranger to contests...but this time he's a judge..and he's on your side!
LegoLand, CA

Stephen Stiles

Writer, Director, Producer

Former head of Focus on the Family Films

“We’re all big kids at heart, right? Just have fun and it’ll show through”  Steve
Looking forward to seeing your fun ideas....Lee
"Take your best bit and use your passion for the art to make it magical. I can't wait to see it!"...Kevin

Clinton Detweiler

Ventriloquist Studios


Mark Wade

America's Foremost
Children's Ventriloquist

Executive Director Vent Haven
Ventriloquist Convention
Creative enthusiasm is contagious - dare to set yours free in your own unique style - you can't go wrong! Clinton
"Let creativity be your guide and don't be afraid to experiment with new things. If you think you can!!" Mark
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