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First Place winners in the Vent division will receive $500 in prizes and an invitation by Terry Fator to appear on stage with him in Las Vegas and more!

First Place winners in the Puppet Video Division will receive $500 in prizes and have their video featured on TV Puppets and the  Puppeteers of America's Puppetry Journal
Sites & more!

Second places will win $250 in Product
Third Place $100 in Product

We will be sending the winners a letter soon with instructions on claiming your prizes.

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERS and thank all of you for participating. Learn from our judges choices and plan your next videos for 2009! I'm proud of all of you!

Steve Axtell

Steve Axtell, President
Axtell Expressions, Inc.
Craig Shemin


Board Member, The Jim Henson Legacy

Lou & Lou: Safety Patrol

Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss

Paul Eide

The Puppetry Journal




Educational Video Producer

Joel Hodgson

Mystery Science Theater 3000



Saturday Night Live

Cinematic Titanic

Think. Write. Shoot. Edit. Enter. Enjoy. It's as easy as that.--Craig
Looking forward to wonderful imaginations at work.
Lee Armstrong

TV Puppeteer

Images In Motion

Video Consultant
Puppeteers Of America

Stephen Stiles

Writer, Director, Producer

Former head of Focus on the Family Films

Looking forward to seeing your puppets in action....Lee
We're all big kids at heart, right? Just have fun and it'll show through.  Steve

John Kimmons

Ventriloquist / Magician

Children's Entertainer World Champion

Ken Dodd Comedy Award!

Kevin Johnson


"Best Male Perfomer"

David Letterman

America's Got Talent Favorite Runner up.


Jay Johnson

Tony Award Winner... 

& Star of Broadway's "The Two & Only"

Classic TV show "SOAP".

"The main thing is to be yourself. Only you can perform the way you do."Jay
"Take your best bit and use your passion for the art to make it magical. I can't wait to see it!"...Kevin
'Believe in what you are doing and bring your characters to life! I'm really looking forward to seeing what you come up with!'
Dale Brown
Advisor, Vent Haven Museum

"America's Corporate Ventriloquist" for over 30 years.

Marketing Specialist
Geoff Harrison,

Professional magician & Creator of

the world's 1st all puppet TV channel


I like puppet films with a touch of the insane - go for it!
Originality and enthusiasm can often make up for a lack of experience. So be unique, entertaining and enthusiastic!
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