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AxTrax CDSo you would like to use our puppets to teach in your classroom but you aren't a ventriloquist and you aren't good at voices?  

No problem... we've created special pre-recorded routines on CD that you can use with any of our puppets!   You don't even need a puppet stage!   Just hold the puppet and turn on the CD.  We've got several in production...  You can use these just for a fun break, or for education.  We have subjects such as Fire Safety & more.

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Kids love our stuff!  

This is an actual photo of school children watching
Bob Shimer with one of our products...  It's typical of reactions
in every state, every country...and every planet.

Possum goes to School, is a fun AxTrax for the possum puppet to teach terms like marsupial and prehensile...  Read script here.

Use our Book Puppets as Mr. Dick-Shonary to help kids with vocabulary....or as a class buddy to encourage reading!


Presenting our new fire prevention program co-written by Fire Education Expert Kent Landsberg: "Spectacular Smoke Smeller""

Now available as an AxTrax CD pre-recorded routine.

For use with our Dusty Dragon smoke blowing puppet!

Here is ventriloquist Steve Petruzzella with our seal puppet teaching the alphabet in a school assembly...

Nothing creates such an exciting learning environment like puppets!

We have tons of ideas and CDs coming to help you educate with puppets.... Tell us what you need!

Watch this amazing video of Bill DeMar performing with a puppet without using any spoken language!  it is SO FUNNY!  Listen to the kids laughing...they are listening!

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 Safety & Education of all kinds...

Make sure to see all our EDUCATION and SAFETY related Axtrax CD ROUTINES!

Animatronic Characters!

Remote Control Puppets Image

Let the KIDS IN YOUR CLASS use our puppets to put on THEIR OWN PUPPET SHOWS!


• Creative writing skills

• Oral Communication skills

• Eye / Hand coordination

• Gain confidence

• Overcome Fear of public speaking.

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"The Magic Drawing Board is the ideal puppet-type prop for use in your classroom or library.  Imagine drawing a face and watching it as it begins to look around and then starts to talk!  The kids LOVE it, and because you can draw different faces, it is like having thousands of puppets wrapped up in an amazing magical presentation.  When you teach about history, you can draw Abraham Lincoln and interview him. When discussing health and fitness, bring out a biography of a famous athlete, draw a picture of him or her, and then watch as the picture talks to the students.  Children will listen very attentatively to anything a puppet says, so this is the PERFECT teaching tool!"
Julian Franklin


Kids pay attention to what puppets say even when they might not pay attention to a teacher. They also tend to take to heart the things a puppet says more so than when it comes directly from an adult.

You can have a dialog where the puppet makes mistakes and you correct him so that the kids learn something without being lectured to.

Puppets are a great way to bring books to life. You can act out scenes or entire stories.

Counselors have long known that kids will open up to puppets in ways that they might not with an adult human. You can really bring out the best in your students when you involve puppets.

Please accept my appreciation for your puppets that have enhanced my teaching of French & Spanish and have been helping my students learn for the past five years (Magic Pizza, Duncan, Orangutans, Crazy Birds and Gorillas !!).  Just as an example, my former students who were in my 7th grade class five years ago (now Juniors in H.S.) remember the specific language skills they learned according to the different puppets.  When their younger siblings come to 7th grade, they ask at the beginning of the year, "Is it true we're going to play with monkeys and Duncan..?"

John Hegarty
Shoemaker Team - 7th Grade
King Philip Middle School

Okay trust me...pull out your education budget and write "Off the Meter" on one line...then watch the video below

then go here

You can use the Meter to measure anything you teach! Fire Safety, Math, Good Manners....anything and then the Big Finish!

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