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Comes complete with a sheepish grin!
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You could do many Bible related routines with this lamb puppet.  For example Jesus as the Good Shepherd who looses a sheep and never gives up looking for it.

A Christmas story or Nativity scene with barn animals.

Also act out the classic poem "Little Bo Peep"

Or..."Ba Ba Black Sheep"  (Yes you can order in black for a fee)

Use Baaaaaad Puns.....

What does Arnold Sheepenegger say?
I'll be Baaaaack!

What did the clean sheep say to the smelly sheep?
It's time to take a Baaaaaath!

What are your two favorite Bible stories Lamb?
Tower of Baaaaaable and the story of Baaaaabylon.

Sorry I know these are really Baaaaaaaaaad!

The famous lamb puppet.....Lambchop with the late Shari Lewis. Now her daughter Mallorie is continuing the tradition. You ould refer to Lambchop in your shows with our lamb character.  Perhaps they know each other.