P-P-Platypus Puppet | Platypus Puppet by Axtell


P-P-Platypus Puppet by Axtell | Platypus

This Large Professional Size P-P-Platypus has a latex head, gray fur body & tail and velour hands and feet. Sits about 20" tall (not including tail) Hand enters at back. It is so popular your audience may already know it from our hit YouTube video with over 3 million views! Includes a free mp3 download to the most unusual silly song too!   Get your Free Ringtone and more info....
Order your Professional P-P-Platypus Puppet today!  $349.95 (Color change on the Fur is $50 additional)

Over 3 Million YouTube Video Views and 4000 Comments!

The Platypus is now available as a
Plush Puppet for $69.95!
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Starter Platypus

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