Pizza-To-Go! (Out of Production)
NOTE - We have taken this product off the Market.
We might bring it back someday.

Everyone loves pizza!
Appears or Vanishes!
Audience Participation!
Perfect Kid show item!
Plays Big and packs flat!
Over 15 exciting minutes!
Transforms into Large 22" Pizza!


1 Realistic Silk Spring Pizza!
Magic Pizza Box!
Wand-To-Spoon Trick!
Quality Cloth Chef Hat!
"Instant Pizza Mix" bag!
Complete Instructions !



- Hungry for some different magic? Check this out!

The pizza you bought on the way to the show has vanished from the box! They claimed to make the "world's fastest pizza to go" and they were right...It's GONE!

But with the help of a volunteer and some "Instant Pizza Mix" you'll attempt to magically bake another pizza right in the box! After choosing ingredients you start to stir it with your magic wand - but better not....a rabbit might appear in the mix and you don't want a "hare" in your pizza... so with the magic words..."Mama Mia" the wand instantly changes into a mixing spoon!

The fun continues until your volunteer magically bakes a tiny....silly looking pizza in the box. What went wrong?? This time have them yell "Mama Mia" as you toss it into the air and WOW! The Pizza instantly grows much larger than the box it came from! More...


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