Ostrich Puppet by Axtell

Ostrich Puppet by Axtell

TWINKLE TOES THE OSTRICH! - This amazing puppet will become an instant hit for you!  It's a big 5 feet tall but it's lightweight..the belly is a beach ball!   You blow it up and you're ready! Only 7.5 lbs!  Packs small - deflate the ball, fold the legs and go!

Ostriches can't fly... but ours has flapping wings for your wild expressiveness.  The wing rod control comes free (specify left or right hand wing operation - if your right hand is in the bird, your left hand will control the wings).  Your hand holds the control and moves both of the wings of the ostrich!  You can lift them both or rock the control to alternate the wings. Very nice effect.  More...

TwinkleToes is ready for your show!   The non-Blinking Standard Ostrich is just $699.95

ADD Blinking and Winking Eyes controlled with Servos is $2500 additional. The features include Long lashes, Blinking, Closed Eyes, Surprise and a Winker eye. Controls are on the headstick. Rechargable Battery is in the foot of the Ostrich for easy wall charging before shows.A lot of animation! See More Info here!

Wing Control Preference::
Animated Eyes?:

Optional Blinking Eyes $2500 extra
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Elastic straps under the ostrich feet can attach to your feet for walking!  Included FREE!

Legs bend at the knees realistically!  This also allows it to adjust to your height!

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