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Halloween Idea for the Magic Drawing Board

From the vintage book "Ideas for Axtell Products. Out of print.
Frankenstein / Halloween routine for the Magic Drawing Board.
Draw Frankenstein on the Axtel Drawing board

Frankie: Errrr!

Magician: Whoa! Where did that come from?

Frankie: Errrr!!!

Magician: Who said that?

Frankie: MEEE!!

Magician: Oh my gosh, you're just a picture!

Frankie: You're a better artist than you thought, eh?

Magician: I guess so. I can't believe you can talk!

Frankie: Yup, I can sing too! la La LAAAA!

Magician: Yikes...what's you're name anyway?

Frankie: Oh, my name is Frank N. can call me Frank.

Magician: Thanks, what are you doing here anyway?

Frankie: I dunno, you tell me! You drew me didn't you?

Magician: Oh yeah, I was just telling everyone about Halloween.

Frankie: HALLOWEEN!? That's my favorite day of the year!

Magician: Of course it is!

Frankie: I just love trick or treating. You go up to the neighbors' house, knock on the door and go, 'Trick-or-treat, smell my MMMM (muffled sound)

(Magician covers Franie's mouth)

Magician: Now Frank, you know that's not right!

Frankie: Sorry, sorry. Say... would you like to know how Halloween got started?

Magician: No, sorry Frank. We have to go now.

Frankie: Aww come on!

Magician: I'm really sorry but we have to get on with the show!

Frankie: Anyway, it all started out when... (Magician erases Frank's eyes)

Frankie: Where'd ya go? It's dark and scary! (Erases nose)

Frankie: (Stuffy nose voice) Hey what's going on here! (Erases "ears")

Frankie: Hey! Stop this right now! Hello anybody out there?

Magician: Sorry, but we have to go!

Frankie: OK...ok, I'll go now. Happy Halloweeennnnn (Muffled faded voice)

Magician: Lets give Frankie a round of applause

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