Interview with Sylvia Markson

How did you get started performing?       
I have been doing ventriloquism as a hobby since I was 6yrs old.   For years my career was Business management and Marketing.  After the birth of my first son, I decided I wanted to stay at home with my children.   That's when I fell back on my hobby.    Being a vent allowed me everything I always wanted.(  More time with my family,  The ability to earn extra money, being my own boss, and  Finally, the ability to Creatively Perform for an audience, a skill that I'd been trying to perfect for years.)

What is the most exciting reaction you have ever had in a performance?       
Every show I do has exciting reactions.   That's what makes a performer thrive.   Some exciting reactions:  First time people see my puppets (Vern, Tulips, Chico, and Especially The drawing board),  audience believeability of puppets being alive independantly,  audience appreciation of ventriloquism as an art and mostly Laughter!!

What does a typical show include?        
A typical 45 minute family show includes:Surprise introduction puppet "Chico" the possum, 3 human puppets(with audience participation),  a distance voice trick story,  another puppet surprise/trick with a talking plant,   An audience favorite    "Vern the Bird" and  finally, an experiment (with audience participation) with the "Magic Drawing Board."

How do Axtell Puppets help your work?          Tremendously !!    I call Axtell puppets "Contemporary Puppets."             First, the artistry of the puppets makes for a wonderful first and lasting  impression.    The brillant colors, artistry of the faces, movement of the feathers, illusions and the attention to small details.         Axtell puppets are very easy to minipulate in various ways (facial expressions) , due to the latex material.   Puppets are lightweight . Which is great when doing long performances or while useing several puppets.  Super easy to pack numerous puppets in one trunk.   Packabilty is important when traveling from show to show.   I'm a performer who performs about 200 show a year and have had fabulous luck with Axtell Puppets!!!  

Thank you  Steve!!
Sincerely,  Sylvia Markson, The Magic Trunk

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