Jay Johnson stars in..... "The Two and Only"
Jay with "Squeaky"
Jay with "Bob" from Soap
Jay with his Axtell Vulture


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JAY JOHNSON: THE TWO AND ONLY! made it's Broadway bow at the Helen Hayes Theatre on Monday April 3 2006.

In his 30-year career, Jay Johnson has converted generations of ventriloquist-avoiding Americans with his charm, anarchy and innovative wit. In JAY JOHNSON: THE TWO AND ONLY! he deconstructs and demonstrates his lifelong obsession.

Best known for playing the schizophrenic role of Chuck and Bob on the classic television comedy Soap, Jay Johnson is recognized as one of our foremost ventriloquists, returning the ancient craft to its rightful place as an art form. From the Oracle of Delphi to The Tonight Show, ventriloquism has long provided insight as well as entertainment.

Jay Johnson is a writer, philosopher, comic, poet, and artist. In the show, he takes us on a multi-dimensional journey that combines his skills with a parade of characters that range from a subversive monkey to a withering tennis ball.

JAY JOHNSON: THE TWO AND ONLY! is directed and co-created by Murphy Cross and Paul Kreppel. Their collective credits include Broadway (A Chorus Line, Godspell), New York Shakespeare Festival, film (Annie, Perfect) and TV (Deadwood, Carnivale, ER, It’s a Living, Taxi and Cheers) as directors, performers and choreographers.

JAY JOHNSON: THE TWO AND ONLY! is produced by Roger Alan Gindi, Stewart F. Lane & Bonnie Comley, Dan Whitten, Herbert Goldsmith Productions, and WetRock Entertainment. It comes to Broadway following an acclaimed run at The Atlantic Theater Company last year.

The creative team for JAY JOHNSON: THE TWO AND ONLY! is Beowulf Boritt (Scenery), Clifton Taylor (Lighting), David Gotwald (Sound) and Michael Andreas (Original Music)

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"Steve, both the
Magic Drawing Board and the Vulture puppet are big hits in the show".

- Jay Johnson.

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What was their favorite part? Jay's performance with The Axtell Magic Drawing Board!

This show is a GEM!
With energy, ease and real showmanship, Jay covers not only his hilarious, touching and interesting career, but also a wonderfully presented briefing on the history of vent. Several figures from his life are with him onstage, including Bob from Soap. Jay's bits with these characters are perfectly timed and presented in such a way as to leave the audience wanting more.

Kelly Asbury - Director Shrek2 and author of "Dummy Days".

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