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How to make a puppet - Making the Axtell Chimp puppet
1.Here is Steve Axtell withhis finished clay head sculpture of our new Chimpanzee puppet. Sculptures can be made from oil or water based clays. Water based clays are alowed to harden some after rough sculpting, to allow for further sculpting greater detail.
2.Tony Bulone, master mold maker, is showing me the molds of my chimp hands he has just made. This is one half of a two part mold. You can see the clay hand still inside the mold
3. Lynn Bonnette helped Steve Axtell develop some of the body pattern for the chimp. Sourcing the fur was a very big problem...we searched the world to find the perfect fur with shorter brown hairs mixed with longer black hairs. We finally located some in Asia and imported it. long white hairs are punched into the latex chin of the chimpanzee and secured with glue inside. This creates a very realistic looking animal.
We created two versions of our Chimpanzee puppet. They are part of the Amazing Apes line. ON the left is the Pro Latex Chimpanzee which we make by hand in our California studio.  Notice the hand punched hairs in the chin and the softer realistic painting.

The one on the right was manufactured for us in China. They were sold under various names in the toy market such as Banana Buddies by Toi, and Amazing Apes by Axtell Expressions.

There have been several rip offs made on our chimpanzee puppets over the years by other companies, but none compare to the quality of an orginal Axtell puppet.

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