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Hilario's Magic, Puppet & Parrot Bird Show
Metro Manila, Philippines

How did you get started performing?
I started ventriloquism at the age of 18 and studied the Maher Home Study Course. I also got my first dummy from Maher Studios. After that, I found out about Axtell Expressions from the I.B.M.'s Linking Ring magazine. I got the Magic Drawing Board and the Old Storyteller as my first Axtell products. My fascination for the art of ventriloquism grew stronger when I found out that no one in my country performed it.

As a young boy, I thought that Charlie McArthy was real until I realized at the age of 12 that he was just a puppet and Edgar Bergen used ventriloquism for him. Now, I cannot do a show
without including a vent act.

What is the most exciting reaction you
have ever had in a performance?
At several occasions, after the show, some adults  tell me that there is a tape recorder inside my puppet and I am good in synchronizing my voice with the puppet eventhough I don't use one. There were also several who thought that I use some electronic animations on my puppet and ask how many batteries does it have. I find this all a compliment. So far, the best reaction is when I use the Magic Drawing Board. The audience is always amazed when the eyes and mouth of the drawing comes to life.

What does a typical show include?
Normally, I do a 20 minute magic show, then a 12 minute parrot bird show followed by a 20 minute puppet show with lots of audience participation.

How do Axtell Puppets help your work?
The Axtell Puppets are magical in themselves. As soon as I bring them out, they already get the audience attention.

I use the Vern puppet with the animated bird arm illusion in my bird show. Since I have not been successful in teaching a live parrot to talk on cue that's why Vern has accomplished this for me easily.

In magic, the Magic Drawing Board is what my audience always talks about before the show and when they see me again despite the fact that I do other baffling illusions and big magic props. I use Axtell people puppets depending on the occasion whether it is a family, adult or corporate show.

Lou Hilario, Hilario's Magic, Puppet & Parrot Bird Show, Metro Manila, Philippines
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