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FREE IDEAS for PRODUCTS - On every page of our catalog you can click on the IDEAS & MORE BUTTONS and you will be taken to the IDEA page which contains all kinds of free jokes, tips, tricks and ideas for that character or product! Go to the on-line catalog now?

FREE AxTrax SCRIPTS - You can read and use each of the AxTrax scripts that we have made to go along with the pre-recorded MP3 routines. You don't have to buy the routine to use the script. Just reading them will give you LOTS of free ideas! Go see the AxTrax now?

FREE VENT & PUPPET INSTRUCTION - Check out our Learning Center. You can learn beginning Ventriloquism, puppet manipulation tips and more!  Go now?

FREE CUSTOMER FORUM - You can discuss our products and performing with them - directly with other customers.   Steve Axtell drops in often too! Go talk now?

FREE BUSINESS LISTING - You can list your performance business (Ventriloquism, Puppetry, Magic, Clowning, etc.) in our International Performers Directory. Many of our customers have been contacted for jobs because they were listed! Get listed now?

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FREE PUPPETS - Okay not really, but once you buy a puppet or two from us, you'll probably feel like it was free once you realize how much your audience likes it. Many performers (thousands) have written to us with amazing stories of how their businesses took off and they got more bookings after using our puppets. You can read about our amazing customers here!

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