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DUSTY FIRE PROGRAM - (Special Prices for our Firefighters)

Fire Prevention Puppet Routine

This hillarious routine pre-recorded on MP3 allows firefighters like you to interact with the Dusty Dragon puppet! Use the puppet to teach about fire safety and smoke alarms! 6 min. of live comedy, music and learning! Easy to learn! Great impact - They’ll never forget the message! Co-written by Firefighter / Educator Kent Landsberg. Includes Dusty’s voice, music & sound effects!
The voice of the Dragon puppet is on the AxTrax!  You interract with the voice, sound effects and music - Live using your own voice!
Kit Includes

Free MP3 Routine Download!
Dusty Dragon Puppet (Regular price $640 with smoker plus Mp3 Routine)

Special Price for this program to Firefighters only

Non-Smoke blowing Dragon Puppet & Free MP3 - $299.95

Smoke Blowing Dragon Puppet, Free MP3 & 1 Can of Smoke - $549.95

We also have an Hands-Free LITE that will fit your DUSTY DRAGON puppet so he can be pre-programed or you can operate him by remote control
and talk to kids LIVE in real time!
The Back entry Hands-Free Lite Armature is $1499.95 and fits into your Dragon Puppet!
Order Hands-Free Lite here!

Click TV to see Dusty Dragon!
Read the Routine!

Hear the recording!

Note - Dusty's voice is the "Goofy Voice" on all our AxTrax Wide Open Routines, so you can also use him in 10-20 other comedy shows! They are on a huge variety of subjects including Birthdays and Holidays!

Hands-Free Dragon
Kent with the Hands-Free DUSTY Dragon!
The Dragon Smoke (FantasyFX) is safe mineral oil but because it has propellant in the cans we cannot ship by air or overseas without special arrangments and extra fees. Foreign orders please see information in yellow below.
U.S. Ground orders only use button below to order extra cans so you don't run out. Safety Sheet Here.

(U.S. Ground Shipping Only)

DUSTY's HOT and we're not just ...blowing smoke!
Smoke option
includes a can of "smoke" which is a safe medical grade mineral oil effect. No pyrotechnics involved. The can hides inside Dusty's tail and the mist
blows out his nostrils.  

Dusty the Dragon and Capt. Mac perform "The Spectacular Smoke Smeller" before a group of children and parents at the Bloomington Public Library July 2010.


The Lewisville Fire Department's LAFS program presents their friend DUSTY the Dragon reading Life And Fire Safety lessons to kids
At the beginning of your Fire Presentation use "Off the Meter" to measure the kid's
Fire Safety Knowledge (1-2-3) not bad.

After your presentation bring it back out and do it again (8-9-10...KaBAM!) watch this!  

Kent Landsberg

Axtell Customer Service can be reached at (805) 642-7282 or email here

Kent Landsberg, Fire Education Professional for this program can be emailed here.

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