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How can we help YOU?
Most Orders take approximately 6-8 weeks to build at this time.

Theresa Camarillo -
Customer Service Manager

805 642-7282

Please call or email to see if your order can be built in time for Christmas.

Happy Shopping !!
The Little Elves At AXtell Expressions!!

If you have an urgent need
or question please contact us...
Email Customer Service at order@axtell.com
or Call
(805) 642-7282

Office hours are
8am- 4:30pm Monday thru Friday
(Pacific Coast Time.)

We are aware that you are an entertainer or educator with exciting new ideas and special show dates.
We will do everything we can to make sure your Axtell products are made the way you want them, arrive on time and will communicate with you every step of the way.

We are dedicated to our customers and look for ways to improve our services for you everyday!

If you can suggest a way to improve what we do... please share it with us!

AXTELL POWER USERS - Performers who use 10 or more Axtell Items in their show have special club benefits with our company. More information Here.

RUSH FEE - 25% of total / $50 Minimum

(puts your order at the head of the line. Available only when possible)


email steve

A WORD ABOUT PRINT CATALOGS In order to help the environment & keep our prices low for you, we have discontinued printing a catalog. Please see our multi-media enhanced on-line Web Catalog for all product information. Click on the photos to see more ideas, bigger photos and videos. Question about a product?  Email Steve

Need a performer for your next show or event? Check out the International Performer's Directory

Tip for putting up your own YouTube video clips....
If you use an Axtell puppet in your video clip, make sure to put the name Axtell somewhere in the title or keywords.  This way when people search Youtube for "Axtell puppet" videos they will find your clip. Hundreds of performers are showing up all over YouTube using our puppets.

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