BIRD ARM ILLUSION patented by Axtell


To see this illusion with NO GLOVES check out the
Realistic Bird Arm Illusion here!

Axtell bird arm illusion for puppets
Click photo for secret
to the BIRD ARM

This unique third arm gimmick creates the illusion that you are holding one of our bird puppets on your outstretched arm like a bird trainer - and the BIRD PUPPET appears to be alive - totally animated!  Thousands of you already use this puppet illusion, and know the POWER and IMPACT it gives your performance.

Non-Animated Standard
"BIRD ARM ILLUSION with White Canvas"

just $79.95!
(bird puppet not included)

Order Here

takes this puppet illusion to a new level of professionalism!

We now also make a new Animated version

See video to the right showing the realistic subtle animated movement.

Now the arm illusion is ANIMATED thanks to the magic of ANIMATRONICS!  Just pop in 4 AAA batteries (not included) and the electronic servo animation begins the natural - totally random - movement!

RANDOM SLOW NATURAL MOVEMENT - unlike the little animation above the hand moves randomly thanks to custom chip technology.  This is not some silly motor - or a novelty wiggling hand.  This is HIGH TECH Electronics!
PLAYS BIG - Packs Small

LIGHTWEIGHT - only 4 oz. added with electronics!
(8 oz. standard Arm plus all electronics and the 4 batteries - only 12 oz. total)

SUPER QUIET OPERATION ! - very professional addition to ventriloquist, magic or puppet show.

VERSITILE Off -White color!  
Animated Arm $479.95. Includes Bird Arm, Glove for your other hand, Instructions & Ideas.  More >>


Make sure to...
Specify LEFT or RIGHT arm

Order LARGE if you stand over 5' - 5" tall (167 cm)

Order SMALL if you stand under 5' - 5" tall (167 cm)

Here's what you will receive:

The Bird Arm Illusion FAKE ARM
- with wire posable fingers

A glove for your other hand to complete the puppet illusion

Full Instructions and ideas.

$79.95 Regular Non-Animated  or  $479.95 Animated / Moving Fingers
(Bird puppet sold Separately.)

Choose Between REGULAR or ANIMATED White Canvas Style:

White Canvas Style:

Extra White Glove Only (No Hole) $15

Extra Glove?:

Why might I need an extra Glove?

If you want to put on 2 regular gloves in front of your audience before you go get your bird puppet, you will need the Extra Glove wihout a gimmick hole in it.  Once you are off stage, you would remove it to put on the Bird Arm Illusion and Bird Puppet.

The kit comes with one regular glove for your other hand.  Order the Extra Glove only if you want a glove for the hand you will put the Bird Arm Puppet Illusion on.

"The Bird Arm Illusion is fantastic - although, only by buying it, did i discover you have to see it to believe it. In your ads, it looks like a great idea, i mean it tempted me enough to buy it. However, wearing it for the first time and looking at the reflection of me and Douglas (my Dodo) in the mirror, II realised it's a knockout!  WOW i said - this is BRILLIANT, such Genius!  Karl Jeffery, England

Animated Bird Arm Illusion demo

Ventriloquist Kevin Johnson

using the Bird Arm & Axtell Cockatoo Puppet on

The Late Show with David Letterman


Looks like real LEATHER but light as a FEATHER!
Mega Cockatoo Info Here!

Kevin Johnson & Mildred our Cockatoo sitting on the new Leatherette Bird Arm Illusion!


Extra Leatherette Glove?:

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