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My name is Yoly Diarte-Pacheco I am a Christian Ventriloquist, I was born in 1977. I am the oldest of 5 siblings. I started working with puppets at the age of 14. I met my Husband Arnie Pacheco during my visit to a church where I had a special presentation.

I am a Human Resources Manager for a Landscape company, that is what I do and enjoy, but what I love and take pleasure in is Ventriloquism.

Yoly and her Axtell Puppet Collection
My first big ventriloquist performance was in a talent show where I won first place! People danced, sang, but my performance was different I did something that made people laugh and remember that talent show; I was always very shy and afraid to speak because of my accent, you see Spanish is my first language, English is my Second and Ventriloquism is my third Language (yes whole new alphabet) my performances are usually bilingual or as we call it "spanglish". When I can't say it in English I just say it in Spanish and vice versa. My performances are always clean humor and usually for Kids festivals, Family Church services and evangelism events.

I love to travel and go to remote places like towns in Mexico, and share this God given talent.

Yoly's entry in the Puppet Video Challenge

I started with ventriloquism with two muppets, but when I came across Axtell's website I was amazed of the magnificent puppets he had. At first I thought they were a little bit pricey but still made an effort to get one no matter what, they were way worth it, after my first purchase I was hooked on Axtell! They are not just any puppets; they have brought excellence to my performances. It's amazing that as soon as I bring out either vern the bird, possum, talking board or any of them they look so cartoon like that kids and even grownups sit quiet and give me all their attention. The puppets are amazing! I have always been very shy to be in front of an audience, and before a presentation I get very nervous but once I am up there and bring out awesome Axtell puppets the audience attention gets focus on the performer.

PACHECO Family visit Axtell Studios

As my performance takes off I am at times worried of how the audience will respond, and 100% of the time they are amused, sometimes I don't even have to say anything when I bring out the puppets they are so humorous that the audience starts laughing! axtell puppets have given me confidence, and have brought class to my performances and I can't wait for the next puppet I will purchase, there are so many that I can't decide which one will be my next one… of course II have to figure out a voice first, yes and that takes time. 90% of my puppets are axtell product, I have purchased many puppets elsewhere, but Axtell are the best ones out there!

I had the privilege to visit Axtell's offices in California, for me it was like a kid in Disneyland, I am so grateful for Steve and his incredible talent in creating these wonderful puppets. They have changed my life and through these puppets I have the great opportunity to share God's love to many people. Many times they will not listen to a preacher, but hey, bring out a puppet and you have their undivided attention, what a great tool for God's kingdom!

Thank you Axtell puppets, you have brought me where I am now! Viva Axtell!

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