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June 2011 

Hi Partner!   

Have you ever thought of us as partners?   You and Axtell Expressions are like partners in showbiz.  Together with your talent and our creative products we ROCK!   All over the world we are helping create fun and bringing laughs and smiles to millions of faces every day!  

We know your business is probably growing because ours is, and we have received tons of letters and photos from you!   Check out the Axtell Power Users below!  Many of you use over 10 Axtell puppet characters and props in your show. Some of you use over 25!  Wow!

Thanks for being our partner in fun!    Ax


New Stuff for You! 

Goose puppet by Axtell Mother Goose Puppet by AxtellThe Islander Puppet by Axtell

 Extra Large Hands-Free Magic Drawing Board

  Axtell Mouse puppetPanda Bear by Axtell

All new Hands-Free Animatronic Systems!

New Characters, New Features

Axtell Hands-Free Animatronics

The P-P-Platypus Video on Youtube has over 1 million hits! 

Watch the Video

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 Blinking Eyes on Puppets!

Extra Large Drawing Board

Hands-Free Vern, Birds, Chicken, Dino! 

 Attack Goose!

New Monster!

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See many of the latest AXTELL products at 

VENT HAVEN July 13-16

KIDABRA Aug 8-12

MAGIC LIVE!  Aug 14-17

2012 Blackpool & FISM!

Do you use more than 10 Axtell puppets & props in your shows?
We are starting a CLUB!   Special stuff coming for Axtell Power Users
Axtell Power Users
We have just completed a batch of 10 Animatronic Toucans!
Most of them are pre-sold but we have a few toucans remaining! 
Do you want one?    Email Steve Now 
Get it now or you'll have to wait several months! 
 Axtell Animatronics

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