25 years of AXcellence!   Can you believe it?   We have been serving the needs of entertainers, puppeteers, magicians, ventriloquists, church workers, missionaries, television producers, clowns, teachers, comedians and public speakers for 25 amazing years!   Suzi and I started in a spare bedroom making molds with a garden hose coming in through the window... and now we run a state-of-the-art puppet manufacturing shop & puppet video studio with 10 employees.  God has really blessed us!   Thanks for your amazing support and loyalty to Axtell products!    We have an amazing year ahead of us with the new Hands-Free Puppets, a new Snake puppet soon!     Enjoy this issue of AxNews.... Do you get the AXTELL 


"Hands-Free Remote Control Puppets" TM
....a Revolution in Animatronics!
We're Getting Closer!  Hundreds of magicians and ventriloquists in over 12 countries are excitedly anticipating the release of these new remote control puppets in development!  There will be two versions (Magic & Vent), and several characters!   It's a REVOLUTION!  We are bringing the cost of top quality animatronics WAY DOWN because of this new mp3 technology, and no computer is needed!  Take our poll to let us know which one you like best!   We have a lot more information and new video clips to watch.... check it out NOW!   
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Of Magic & Music
...The Arthur Stead Story

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 Customer Spotlight:
         Tony Borders

Arthur Stead rocks on stage with Peter Frampton, performs magic & puppets in school shows and produces some of the best royalty-free music available for entertainers like you! 
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Tony Borders likes to tell people that he quit teaching so he could play with dolls.  When he heads off in the morning he tells his wife, "I'm going to go play" instead of going to work.  If this sounds like a lot of double talk, that's okay, because Borders is a ventriloquist.   When he was 12 years old...
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 CARE of Latex Puppets  AxCHAT Daily at 4pm  Advertisement
1. Don't handle the surface of the latex with dirty hands.

2. Keep copper, pennies & sugar away from latex.

3. Protect the latex surface with Armorall protectant every 3 months.  Blot it on and gently wipe it off.  Protects from UV rays and ozone and keeps the latex looking fresh!
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