Amazing Apes and Their Amazing Friends!
Did you know Jane Goodall started her career studying Chimpanzees because her mother gave her a stuffed toy as a child?
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Christopher of England getting ready for a slumber party with his Chimp.
Sarah J. from California
Tim and Diddy from Illinois!

"The chimp is fantastic, and very detailed!"

Both Brigette and this Chimp are loved by their owner!
Zach and Chippy from Illinois
 Big Kids love the Amazing Apes too!
Our CHIMP helps Barbara Davis,
author of DARKSIDE OF DEBONAIR -The Bushmeat Trade.

For the past year I have been traveling around the country, promoting bushmeat awareness with personal appearances via my novel. I have a large booth display complete with various photos that shows different aspects to this world crisis. But as interesting as the posters and the subject may be, what brings more people up to me is a representation of a character from my book. “Huffy” is seemly brought to life by your Amazing Ape Chimpanzee. I take Huffy on every trip. I carry him on my back in a (human) baby carrier. He goes everywhere with me, though airports and propped up in the front seat of my car, safely bucked in. Huffy receives lots of attention! And thus, is helping to bring awareness to the fact that chimpanzee (and other primates & endangered animals) are quickly being eaten into extinction.

Cinders from the Denver Fire Dpeartment with her
new Axtell Chimp at the First National S.M.I.L.E.
Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona.
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